Second District Volunteers Continue to Serve Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
By Public Information Officer Michael Roberts
May 5, 2020

The dedicated and brave volunteers from the Second District Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad continue to actively respond to calls for emergency medical services, fires, accidents, and whatever other emergencies may occur despite the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic.
These dedicated volunteers are members of the community just like other citizens, with loved ones, family members, and friends at home. They risk their own health and well-being as well as that of the ones they love, in order to serve their fellow citizens in times of need.
Dealing with the Covid-19 dilemma has not been an easy challenge. EMTs and firefighters have had to learn very quickly to adapt to new and challenging methods and protocols to protect themselves as well as their co-workers, patients, and the general public.
In the earlier days of this unprecedented time, guidance from the local, State, and Federal levels was changing almost daily, and in a few instances several times a day.
Chief Officers of the Department were tasked with keeping up to date on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis, and transmitting that information to the members.
As of the date of this writing, these volunteers have responded to approximately 25 emergency medical services incidents in which the patients were suspected of being infected with Covid-19.
Although emergency responses are the primary responsibility of our members, proper training of each member is a close second. So that our members stay sharp during this period of strict social distancing, our Chief Officers have developed a system whereby our members are still receiving training through weekly drills. This is accomplished by using on-line or other remote means of training to conduct weekly drills.
The dedicated volunteer members of the Second District Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad will continue to serve the citizens of St. Mary’s County through these scary times, as well as into the future.

Photos below courtesy of Assistant EMS Chief Carol Boehm.