SDVFD&RS Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Fire/EMS Station
By Public Information Officer Michael Roberts
July 27, 2020

On Friday, July 24, 2020, under the threat of rain, although a double rainbow appeared during the ceremony, the Second District Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad, Inc. held the Groundbreaking Ceremony for their new Fire/EMS station. The new station will be located on Piney Point Road, directly adjacent to the existing station.
The ceremony was attended by citizens and members of the Department. Special guests in attendance were Maryland State Delegate Brian M. Crosby, of District 29B, St. Mary’s County Commissioners Eric Colvin, Todd B. Morgan, and Mike Hewitt, Former Commissioner Tom Jarboe, and St. Mary’s County Chief Financial Director Jeanett Cudmore. Other invited guests included Architects for the project Theresa del Ninno and Zaira Suarez Vizcorrando, and the General Contractor for construction, Great Mills Trading Post President Bubby Knott and several staff members.
Vice President Robert Grant welcomed everyone to the ceremony.
Mike Roberts, Secretary and Public Information Officer introduced the guests, and gave thanks to several guests, namely Past Commissioner Tom Jarboe for his staunch support of the Fire/EMS Tax Increase in 2018. Mr. Roberts also thanked Ms. Jeanett Cudmore for her guidance and support throughout the Fire/EMS Tax increase process, and also for her assistance and direction in obtaining the low interest loan of $1.75 million from the St. Mary’s County Revolving Fund. Mike Scrivener, Treasurer, was also thanked for his efforts in putting together budget projections and loan packages. Mr. Keith Fairfax, Past President and Chief of the Bay District VFD received thanks for his continuous support and assistance.
A special thanks was bestowed on the New Building Committee, that worked so hard for over seven years to put together the final plans for the new station. Those members were Cathy Caulder, Chairperson, Greg Adams, Fuzzy Knott, Georgia Wheeler, John Caulder, Dan Browne, Stephanie Boyd and Mike Roberts.
County Commissioners Eric Colvin, Todd Morgan, and Mike Hewitt presented a Proclamation to the Department commemorating the construction of our new station.
Blair Swann then had the honor of passing out the Ceremonial Shovels to Vice President Robert Grant, Secretary/PIO Mike Roberts, Treasurer Mike Scrivener, Chief Gary Joy, Cathy Caulder, New Building Committee Chair, Greg Adams, New Building Committee Financial, John Caulder, Past President/New Building Committee.
Vice President Grant then concluded the ceremony.

All Photos Courtesy of Mike Wilson