A Huge Shout Out and Thanks to our Emergency Medical (EMS) Services Providers
By Operational Member Dawn M. Raley
May 29, 2021

Last week was National Emergency Medical Services Week and we honored all of our EMS workforce! EMS providers include a wide range of individuals who are state and nationally certified to include Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, drivers and aides. Our EMS providers are often overlooked for their vital role in our community. The men and women in this line of volunteer work experience people at their worst as they deal with various illnesses, injuries or sometimes death. They also get to enjoy the best of times such as a birth of a child or when a person is rescued from a near-death experience. The added stress of the global pandemic this past year and the challenges most of our medical care providers were faced with warrants a huge thank you. We are lucky to have such a wonderful group of people for their continued commitment to our organization and to our community.

A heartfelt THANK YOU for your dedicated service.

Photos courtesy of Dawn M. Raley