Situational Awareness “Thinking Outside the Box” Training
By Operational Member Dawn Raley
August 21, 2021

On Wednesday, August 18, SDVFDRS had the pleasure of hosting a county wide Situational Awareness “Thinking Outside the Box” training. Fire and EMS members from Company 6 as well as other department members throughout the county attended the drill instructed by special guests, Regional Assistant Chief of Training Arthur Clardy, Battalion Fire Chief of EMS, Darius Hawkins and Regional Training Officer, Mike Jones.
The drill included scenes safety, sizing up the scene, being aware of your surroundings and never assuming we as Fire and EMS responders are always in a safe and secure environment. Tactical emergency casualty care, communication, health and safety and taking care of our own were additional topics that were discussed.
With so many uncertainties in today’s world, we cannot train enough on the importance of scene safety and to always continue learning of the possible dangers we could face on any call we respond to. “No call is routine..everyone goes home” was the key take away and Chief Clardy challenged the audience to continue to be eager to train and learn, mentor and help each other.
Thank you to the instructors and to the members who attended! As always, thank you for what you do!!