Members Complete Emergency Vehicle Operator Course
By Vice President Michael (Mike) Roberts
February 27, 2023

The Second District Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad is proud to announce that 9 members have recently successfully completed the Emergency Vehicle Operator Course.
Members completing the course are Brittney Bean, Rob Dent, Wade Gahl, Jeffry Hall, Molly Manion, John Manion, Dawn Raley, Matt Rogers and Cheyanne Russell.
Successful completion of the course is required for all members prior to driving any vehicles/apparatus during emergency responses.
The course is 21 hours in length, and includes lecture, discussion, and practical skills exercises. Instructors are Maryland State Certified Emergency Services Instructors from the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, University of Maryland, headquartered in College Park, MD.
Major topics include safe driving and collision avoidance; Maryland motor vehicle statutes; route selection and communications; vehicle inspection and driving preparation; physical forces affecting driving; lights and sirens; basic control tasks; negotiating intersections and turnarounds; following and passing vehicles; high-speed driving; dealing with adverse conditions, and emergency parking.
All students must successfully complete a driving skills practical session.
Congratulations Brittney, Rob, Wade, Jeffry, Molly, John, Dawn, Matt, and Cheyanne!